Benefits Of Trilux Next (Passenger Cruiser)

Unique Features

Trilux Next boasts unique features, including all-LED lighting for reduced power consumption and an exterior and interior plastic body for durability.

Digital Display

Trilux Next is outfitted with cutting edge innovation, including a coordinated Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and Vehicle Global positioning framework (VTS) joined with a 3-in-1 Variety Computerized Show.

Fast Charging

Trilux Next boasts lightning-fast charging capabilities, allowing you to recharge the vehicle in just 1.5 hours. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to convenience.

Ergonomic Seat

Safety is a top priority with Trilux Next. The ergonomic seat configuration, complete with safety belts, guarantees a protected and agreeable ride for the two drivers and travellers.


Eco-conscious Trilux Next prioritizes a green planet, reducing emissions. Make a responsible choice for the environment by choosing Trilux Next.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance, fewer parts, lower costs, and increased uptime for your business. Embrace efficiency with Trilux Next.


Trilux Next is more than just a vehicle; it’s a sustainable mobility solution that offers a multitude of benefits

Sturdy Side Door

Saera Keto's Trilux Next presents the 'Sturdy Side Door': A durable and eco-friendly design ensuring security with a commitment to sustainability.

CBS (Combined Braking System)

CBS optimizes braking, reducing maintenance for Trilux Next. Fewer parts mean time and cost savings for hassle-free performance.

A Large Wind Screen

Trilux Next boasts all-LED lighting, optimizing visibility in various conditions while conserving power for efficient performance.

Trilux’s Electric Canvas

Explore the gallery below to get a closer look at Trilux Next’s plan and elements. Our great pictures show the vehicle from each point.

“Note* Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual Product May Vary Due to Product Enhancement.”

What Our Customers Say

Trilux Next transformed my delivery business. Fast charging and spacious cargo made my deliveries efficient and eco-friendly.


Trilux Next prioritizes safety with ergonomic seats and seat belts, making my daily commute comfortable and secure.


Trilux Next's fast charging and spacious cargo area make it perfect for my small business deliveries.


Trilux Next exceeded my expectations with its impressive range and speed. It's a versatile choice for short journeys.


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